Hell Is Here

by Narratives

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Alex Strickland
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Alex Strickland Saw these dudes with YAITW, Gaza, Full oh Hell, and Code Orange Kids. Nasty and grimey. Favorite track: Death.
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- Dustin//Narratives


released August 1, 2012

Hell Is Here was recorded, mixed and mastered by Zac Thomas at The Jam Room Recording Studio.

Release date TBA on Frequency Deleted Records



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Narratives Charlotte, North Carolina

Gloom and nothing else.

Spawned. Prophecy fulfilled. Is fucking dead.

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Track Name: Bearing
Track Name: Birth
We are the unfortunate sons and daughters of dirt, flesh and bone. We are the witnessed, persecuted and damned. We are unwelcomed. Be shunned by the graceful. Be home with the ugly. Be still and alone. May your dreams be haunted. Freeze
Track Name: Grief
On we march onto the streets... Kicking and screaming into the night. Live. Fight. Resist. Die. All we love and want is being dragged through the mud, shackled and chained. Intimidation and a badge has left my generation crippled and weak. My lovers are losing and so am I... Hopeless, I can't fucking take it anymore. Mindless, I reject the idea. Sometimes I just want to bite a fucking bullet.
Track Name: Death
O'Preacher man, tell me who to wedd and add another notch to my bible belt for the holy wars and burning crosses. 21 years later and nothing has changed and now I hang my head in shame. 21 years later and the world is the same as I hang my head in the guillotine. Carry about with the heart of the good man does the wicked, the spineless and morally fucked. This world will stay the same: Killing in his name, condemn the love we share, and I'm the bad seed?
Track Name: Hell
I was left here lonely and fucking tired. Fear was a driving force and a constant in my surroundings. The weight of loss, the stale taste of regret. I feel it. I felt the cold hard breath right on my shoulders. I carried the weight of the reaper on my back. Sick of trying to figure it out. If life is shit, it can't get much worse, but if this is bad, it aint getting any better. Death had known me by the sound of my boots. To have and have not. To live like rats. To break the soul. To belong to the game... Hell is here... (To have and have not. To live like rats, to break the soul, to belong to the game...)