No Ribbons

by Narratives

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Released November 23rd, 2011. Out via digital release and cassette, distributed by Downside Records.


released November 23, 2011

All music and lyrics written and performed by Narratives, with the exception of "Militance" (Additional vocals provided by Chris of Kills And Thrills) and "Orchestrated." (Gang vocals provided by Alex Lacey, Andy Simmons, Ben Kimball and Jake Reed.)

All vocals recorded by Ben Kimball.

All instruments recorded, produced and mixed by Bob Presson



all rights reserved


Narratives Charlotte, North Carolina

Gloom and nothing else.

Spawned. Prophecy fulfilled. Is fucking dead.

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Track Name: Blind Leading The Blind
Sweet talking politician, you're a snake and a fucking snitch. We'll pick another leader, kill some time and 8 years later, we'll call it a cutthroat. They don't believe in the progression of man. If nothing in the land of the free decides to believe in me, I'm going back to the Carolinas for my civil liberties. I'm plantation bound on a road paved with oil, failure and greed. My country is a freight train and I'm tied to the tracks.
Track Name: No Ribbons
No ribbons for the horse beating life and trials that keep us chained to a life as a bigot. They've cut out the heart of this counrty and killed off the radicals and filled all the holes with newsprint and fear and cover it up as a nightmare with stitches. Chained to a mountain of debt. Chained to death camp gates. No mercy, no backlash, no control, but resistence. No ribbons. No mercy. No backlash. No control. The order and respect for the people is forever dead. They send the weak and the poor to fight their wars. They fought for a flag and no ribbons.
Track Name: American Downfall
Am I just lost or will it break my back? They're condemning your brothers and sisters for blashpemy to the word. The Gospel of intolerence, hatred, greed and poetry. They have the nerve to call it "conversion." Break who you want, just say your prayers. Excuses, fucking excuses. They have me pulling out my hair. I'll scream until you know that we exist and I'll kick until you see that there's a problem. I'll piss and moan until these chains are gone and acknowledge that my life and times are still changing. Do your deed, do it well. In the name of responsibility to entity that condemns us for sexual preference and natural human traits. There's a pattern, a problem, and a country with a learning disability. I am an American man, nobody knows who I am. Thanks for nothing.
Track Name: Militance
I'm too prideful to sit here and beg. I'm too humble to keep asking why. My father and my brother are prime examples that the world won't change for me at the swing of a fist. I can't believe my fire went out and my passion is gone. Spend 18 years in a dead man's town and it's 20 years worse than your life on the run. That part of me is winning. I've already paid, so I might as well watch. It's my last night in town to find something pretty. I'll build a bad and sleep until something changes or I'll be overlooked and scratched out of time.
Track Name: Orchestrated
You spit in the face of the world. To protest it is to die and death is the only way out. Broadcast to the world the things that you've seen: Embracing the new world order of life. They fought and died for no cause, with no honor and no freedom. We're the lions and cubs, we're America's dream. You sing an anthem of nothing sacred. United to what? They're lying to you. Like the collapse of your buildings, like the death of your children, orchestrated.